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Men’s Sexual Health Physician & Hormone Specialist located in Oak Brook, IL

About Dr. Marshall

Robert Marshall, MD, is a passionate physician with 20 years of experience saving and improving lives. He is board-certified in both internal and geriatric medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine, and specializes in men’s anti-aging and sexual wellness at his practice, Tru-Male Medical in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Dr. Marshall achieved his medical degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago. He completed his residency in internal medicine at the West Suburban Hospital Medical Center in Oak Park, Illinois, and his fellowship in geriatrics at the University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago.

Dr. Marshall has extensive medical experience, from performing the most effective anti-aging treatments to serving in the emergency department of hospitals across Illinois. He’s delivered life-saving care to thousands of patients throughout his career. 

Today, Dr. Marshall helps patients live their best lives at any age. Dr. Marshall is an active member of the Center for Anti-Aging and promotes education in the field of anti-aging. He applies his knowledge and the latest technology in cosmetic medicine to help men feel and look their best.


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