Are You a Candidate For Penis Fillers?

While the cosmetic surgery industry is generally one seen as catering mainly to women, more men are turning to various cosmetic procedures in recent years. A survey from June 2017 reveals that just over 30% of men interviewed said they were highly likely to get a cosmetic procedure. A delicate issue that drives a part of that industry is treating the penis, for those who are sensitive about their size. One treatment that is becoming more popular is penis fillers, a procedure designed to add girth and boost confidence.

Robert Marshall, MD, at Tru-Male Medical in Oak Brook, Illinois, has years of experience helping men with many different aspects of their health, including treatments like penis fillers.

How does penis filler treatment work?

Dermal fillers are typically used for filling in wrinkles and sagging skin. Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in the body found in fluids in the eyes and joints, is a type of dermal filler that is being used in penis filler treatments. 

This nonsurgical treatment consists of injections in areas of the penis to add girth and moderate length. It’s performed under topical and local anesthesia with 2-4 injections, and can take up to 45 minutes. You will likely see immediate results, but expect to see full results within 1-2 weeks. Dr. Marshall typically recommends you wait about a month after the procedure to have sex.

Who is eligible for treatment?

Pursuing penis filler treatment can be a delicate and difficult decision to make, as sexualilty is an important part of a patient’s private life. So, if you’re healthy enough for treatment, a consultation with Dr. Marshall will be key to your understanding of the reality of penis sizes (what’s normal size as opposed to what people think is normal) and your realistic expectations of treatment. 

Despite being a nonsurgical treatment, there are numerous conditions that may interfere with you being an ideal candidate, including:

During your consultation, Dr. Marshall reviews the options available and determines if other treatments may be a consideration if you aren’t a candidate for penis fillers.

So, if you’re interested in penis filler treatment and want to learn more, make an appointment with Dr. Marshall by calling our office or using the easy online booking tool today.

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