How GAINSWave Therapy is Revolutionizing Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

It’s a statistical coincidence that about 40% of men aged 40 and 70% of men aged 70 suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), but these numbers illustrate the disorder’s increased prevalence as you get older. Age is the primary risk factor for ED due to physical changes, which are sometimes compounded by psychological factors. 

Having an occasional brush with ED due to physical reasons can lead to plummeting confidence, which makes matters worse. Therefore, it’s important to deal with the physical reasons behind your ED before the issue becomes more complex. 

Medications that help erectile response can be effective “spur of the moment” treatments, but they do nothing to address the underlying causes of ED.

Loss of vascular function

Blood flow is central to erectile function. Any habit or condition that affects the way blood moves in your body can have a negative effect on your ability to achieve and maintain an erection. The list of possible causes is long, and it includes:

Any of these, or worse still, combinations of these can interfere with the delicate blood vessels needed for proper erectile performance. There are plenty of treatments for symptoms, but few cures.

The GAINSWave approach

Restoring penile vascular health isn’t easy, but the Food and Drug Administration has cleared GAINSWave® for the noninvasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment of ED. The system uses extracorporeal (outside the body) shockwave therapy. 

Essentially, the GAINSWave system sends acoustic waves through your body to stimulate re-vascularization of the areas around the base of your penis, permitting the increased blood flow necessary for normal erectile activity.

What to expect from GAINSWave

Each session takes about 20 minutes and, depending on your condition, from 6-12 treatments to provide the best results. There’s no downtime, so you can have a GAINSWave treatment and return to work immediately. As new blood vessels develop, you see the return of erectile performance.

Perhaps the best part is that you can expect 2-3 years of benefits from your initial treatment run, and you can have additional sessions in the future if needed. While shockwave therapy is somewhat new in America, it’s been used successfully in Europe for over 15 years. There are few, if any, side effects accompanying GAINSWave treatments.

GAINSWave and biohacking

Some men aren’t waiting for the onset of ED. They’re choosing GAINSWave as a way to prevent interruptions to their sexual health. Since GAINSWave is drug and risk-free, with no known side effects, there’s no downside to treatments.

Dr. Robert Marshall and the team at Tru-Male Medical are specialists in men’s sexual health, and they’re fully onboard with the GAINSWave system as an effective way to reverse or prevent ED for many patients.

Learn more about GAINSWave’s shockwave technology and what it can do for you by calling the office at 773-377-8856, sending the team a message here on the website, or requesting an appointment through the convenient online tool. Put ED in the past, and schedule a consultation today. 

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