Men Love Laser Hair Removal, Too

When it comes to body hair, men and women find themselves at the same disadvantage. Between the two sexes, countless hours are spent waxing and shaving away excess hair in an attempt to gain smooth, hair-free skin. Thankfully, there’s an innovative solution for both sides of the fence in our laser hair removal technology.

Here at Tru-Male, under the leadership of Robert Marshall, MD., we’ve helped countless patients get rid of undesirable facial or body hair long-term, and we can do the same for you. 

As one of the most commonly requested aesthetic treatments across the country, laser hair removal can help you reduce or eliminate unwanted hair virtually anywhere on your body. 

Here’s a look at why men turn to laser hair removal to attain a clean, maintenance-free neck, a neatly groomed beard line, or a smoother upper body. 

The hair back there

The vast majority of men who come through our doors to learn more about laser hair removal are primarily interested in thinning out or completely eliminating the dense carpet of hair that covers their back or shoulders. 

This excess hair often leaves men feeling less confident in intimate situations, while others feel uncomfortable removing their shirts when they head to the pool or the beach.   

But the traditional solutions for back hair aren’t terribly appealing — many of the men who come see us say they’re tired of having to shave their own backs or schedule regular, and often painful, waxing appointments in an ongoing effort to keep their backs and shoulders as smooth and hair-free as possible.  

A better solution through laser hair removal

Fortunately, laser hair removal makes it possible to permanently zap away unwanted back hair safely and easily. 

During the treatment, we use a sophisticated handheld device to deliver specific wavelengths of laser energy through your skin and directly into the darker pigments of your active-growth hair follicles. As the targeted pigment cells soak up this intense energy, it effectively switches them off and renders the follicle itself permanently inactive. 

Because the laser only targets active-growth follicles — follicles that are in their shedding or resting cycle are unaffected by the treatment. This means that you should undergo several treatments, which we space apart by several weeks, in order to tackle your body hair as it transitions into an active phase. 

That said, expect a 10-25% reduction in hair after your first laser appointment, increased clearing following each monthly session, and optimal hair removal results once you finish the full treatment cycle. The specific number of treatments needed depends on the quality and quantity of hair want removed. 

If you’d like to get started on the road to smooth, hair-free skin through laser hair removal, call our Oak Brook, Illinois office at (630) 974-6505 or use the easy online tool to request a consultation at any time. 

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