Myths & Facts About Erectile Dysfunction Every Man Should Know

You’re not alone. If you’re like most people, then talking about erectile dysfunction is just a little bit outside of your comfort zone. And, guess what? If you have erectile dysfunction, you’re not alone either because over half the male population has experienced it too.

At TRU MALE, Dr. Robert Marshall and his team are here to cover all of your medical care needs, including erectile dysfunction. That’s why we’ve compiled this helpful guide to the condition.

Myth: ED just happens as you age

Fact: While ED and age are usually correlated, ED is not just a simple fact of getting older. And while studies show that 40% of men in their 40s and 50% of men in their 50s have some degree of ED, age is still not a cause in itself.

As an example, age does place you at a higher risk of developing certain conditions, like heart disease and musculoskeletal problems, but that doesn’t mean that you will certainly develop these conditions. 

Your lifestyle really does play a factor in what health problems you develop, so be sure to follow a healthy diet and get regular exercise.  

Myth: ED depends on attraction to your partner

Fact: ED has absolutely nothing to do with how attractive your partner looks to you. While attraction is certainly important in a physical relationship, the more likely causes of ED are psychological and physical factors. 

ED can stem from a temporary issue like stress, communication problems, and too much alcohol. It can also be a medical issue caused by an injury, a hormonal imbalance, diabetes, heart disease, nerve disorders, medication side effects, or high blood pressure. 

Myth: ED means the little blue pill

Fact: While oral medications can be excellent treatment options for ED, they aren’t for everyone. However, in addition to Viagra®, Levitra®, and Cialis®, we offer several other approaches to your ED, depending on what’s causing your symptoms. 

Still, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that a few simple changes to your everyday routine can make a positive difference to your sexual functioning, like:

There are also some potential therapies that you may like to try, including:

Regardless of what you prefer, you do have far more options than just the blue pill!

Myth: ED subsides on its own

Fact: OK, in many cases this can be true. Many people do find that things like reducing stress, losing weight, and cutting back on smoking and drinking can actually resolve their ED.

However, ED can also be an indicator of a far more serious condition like:

Still, the best way to find out what’s causing your ED is to come in for an appointment. To make one, either call us or schedule an appointment right on our website today. 

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